Guaranteeing fair and equal treatment of migrant workers in the EU: The new Single Permit as a piece of the EU’s labour migration puzzle



By Amy Weatherburn


Labour migration in the EU: legislative developments

The most recent legislative developments under the auspices of the European Skills Agenda have focused upon developing sustainable EU policy on legal migration by simplifying migration procedures and improving migrant workers’ rights. Two main pieces of EU legislation that set out the framework for procedures and rights of legally residing third-country nationals have been put under the spotlight: the Long-Term Residents Directive 2003/109/EC and the Single Permit Directive 2011/98/EU (hereinafter the Single Permit Directive). In this post, we will discuss the legislative journey (to date) of the recast Single Permit Directive with a view to determining to what extent it offers migrant workers a simplified, rights-based procedure that grants fair and equal access to the EU labour market - also addressed here in an op-ed by the Platform for Undocumented Migrants (PICUM).More...